Monday, May 7, 2007

Inconsistency In G/L

This error is one of the most complex error that Navision can genereate and ofcoursely my favourite error. In this topic you will find what cused the error to be generated, what are the possible ways to look at it, and the remedy of the inconsistency error.

What is the Inconsistency In G/L error?

Normally you will encounter this kind of error in NAV 3.7 db, the latest version of 4.0 are however more equipped to handle the error well. This error occurs wile posting, irresoective of the location of posting, it has to pass through the codeunit 12 (Gen. Jnl.-Post Line). In this codeunit you will find a function called FinishCodeunit, here in this codeunit you will see a code

GLEntry.CONSISTENT( (BalanceCheckAmount = 0) AND (BalanceCheckAmount2 = 0) AND (BalanceCheckAddCurrAmount = 0) AND (BalanceCheckAddCurrAmount2 = 0));

All the entris that gets posted to the various ledgers do need to pass this check, before they can be named as posted data. If the function returns a false value then you can see an error message on your screen stating the data that you are going to post is going to make the G/L inconsistent, in other words Navision is a double entry system and the entries have to be balanced so if the dr. amt of one side is 100 the cr. amount should also be 100, if it is 99 then the G/L in inconsistent.

What if GLEntry.CONSISTENT() is commented and Forcefully made true?

You should actually never comment the GLEntry.CONSISTENT() function on the main database on the client's server. You might look at it as good solution for overcomming the consistency error and forcefully making the G/L consistency function to return true value, but after you have commented this function, none of the transactions that enter the system and make their way towards the posted documents and GL entris are going to be consistent. The finalshowdown will be most of the accounts will remain unreconciled as the balancing entries are going to be incorrect, the company receives a wrong balance sheet from the system and not to mention..the financial data is inconsistent and a Note from the auditors about the same.

What causes the error to generate?

This error is mainly generated due to the follwoing reasons:
-Trying to post single sided entry
-Rounding off Incorrect
-Some erronous customization in the posting routines
-Use of commit statement in the middle of the posting
-Due configuration issue

What To Do?

There are various ways through which you can find out what is causing the error:

-Check your configuartion for rounding off and structures
-Check your customications(if any)
-Place message boxes and have a watch at the amount field

Hopefully this will give you enough clues for handling this error. If you are still not able to solve it, rsaie a support request in Microsoft for the same.

Note: Before doing all these do ensure that it is a local database


Anonymous said...

I would like to add that you can have an error about inconsistency when running the Close Income Statement when using additional currency in Nav, even in Nav 4.2

The error is already posted in MBS and expecting a resolution for some time now.

Anyway there is a way to resolve that error but I guess you don't want to place code here, right?

Best regards from Greece

Anonymous said...

Dear Arhonsis,

Would like to have the solution for the resolution of the error.

You may mail me at :

D. Srinivasan

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